Buyer Services

Urgency. When your perfect home comes on the market, we help you get it under contract ASAP, before other buyers even react. The quicker we get your offer in, the more likely you are to get the home, and the less likely it is you’ll end up in a bidding war. Some listing agents (us included) will not present offers until a home has been listed a few days. This allows time for more buyers to put their offers in and bid up the price of the home. In this situation, we tailor your offer to what the seller is looking for, build rapport with the listing agent, (because they will be the one presenting the offers to the seller), and use various other tactics to make your offer more appealing. One tool we use to save you from overpaying for a home is called an escalation clause. An escalation clause states that you are willing to pay a certain amount over the next highest offer a seller receives, up to a specific limit. This helps us ensure you get the home and that it’s for the lowest possible price. Our success rate for locking down properties is extremely high compared with other agents.

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